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List of Christmas Ornaments

Nov. 18, 2022

We have summarized the list of basic Christmas decorations for families below! Please read on for more information.


Santa Claus


1. Christmas tree


Christmas is not Christmas without a family Christmas tree. If you don't install an evergreen tree in your room for decoration and store gifts under the tree, you won't celebrate Christmas!


2. Tree skirt


The tree skirt doesn't have to be too fancy, but it can hold all your Christmas presents! Another advantage of having a tree skirt is that it can hold all the small pine needles that fall from the tree within weeks! Tree skirts can also be hanging baskets, galvanized buckets, etc.


3. Mini tree


Evergreen trees are an important part of Christmas decorations, but it is a bit unrealistic to have a big tree in every room of the house. Therefore, the mini evergreen tree is necessary. You can buy mini trees in almost all colors and styles to place around your house.


4. Santa Claus


Santa Claus is the central figure for children celebrate Christmas. He will bring gifts and toys to the children, so every family should have at least one Santa Claus model.



5. Reindeer


Santa Claus needs reindeer to help him pull the sled and let him travel around the world to give gifts! Don't leave Santa Claus alone, buy some reindeer dolls to accompany him!


6. stockings


Stockings are essential traditional Christmas decorations! The tradition of hanging stockings on the mantel before Christmas has a long history. You need to pick a stocking for each family member and hang them in front of the fireplace with a stocking hook.


7. Jewelry


One of the most interesting parts of Christmas decorations is hanging decorations on trees! Many people like to play Christmas music and drink red wine when decorating the Christmas tree with decorations. You can choose a theme for your Christmas trees, such as metallic color, red, or even the coast, or you can decorate it with eclectic decorations. When we were growing up, our Christmas tree was always decorated with all kinds of family decorations and old photos, which was very special for us!


For more information about Christmas decorations visit this link.


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