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Guide to Decorating a Christmas Tree

Nov. 01, 2022

Do you desire a professionally decorated Christmas tree? This article will share a few simple steps to create the ideal Christmas tree in your home. Read on for more information.


Christmas Tree

Christmas tree


1. Decide on a theme


In order for a Christmas tree to look professionally decorated, it needs a theme element that ties everything together. A Christmas tree theme can be a certain color or collection of decorations. Then, get style inspiration from blogs, home decorating websites, and so on. This will help you pick out the decorations you need.


2. Unfold the branches

The branches create the canvas for your Christmas tree decorations, so they need to be perfectly aligned. Start with the bottom layer of branches and work your way up, gently straightening each tip and then fanning them out in different directions from the branches to create a natural look. Arrange each layer and then take a step back to ensure that all the branches sit nicely together and that there are no gaps.

3. Divide the tree into sections

You can decorate it in steps like a pro: top, middle, and bottom. Style each section, starting at the top and working your way down. You can also use different kinds of stylized tree picks to mark the partitions, while achieving a dramatic effect.


4. Stringing lights

Before stringing lights on the tree, check that they are in working order.
If you want your Christmas tree to look full, then the secret is in the lighting. The space in the lighting stands out more than the gaps between the decorations. Make sure you have enough light to wrap around each layer of branches and then, starting at the base of the tree, swirl upwards, weaving between branches, all the way to the top. The lights should be closer to the trunk than the decorations to create a warm glow that peers through the branches.

5. Add extra special decorations

Add some more ornate decorations and scatter them between the branches for a more finished look.


6. Decorate the top of the tree

This stage is a real showstopper of a decoration that will make your tree stand out. For the tree topper, go for a classic star or use large decorations to give your tree a modern feel.


7. Combine small and large ornaments to gain depth

There are no hard and fast rules for hanging ornaments. However, experts tend to start with the larger ones. They tuck them deeper into the leaves to add depth. As a result, they achieve a beautiful layered look.
On the other hand, smaller ornaments look best when hung at the tips of branches. The designer did this to create a draping effect. Brad likes to make a bold statement by combining the different sizes of the decorations.
Another way to decorate ornaments is to bring them together. For example, combine ornaments of the same style to achieve a seamless look. Or, achieve an interesting contrast by using a variety of designs.


8. Fill in the gaps with close-ups


Using Christmas tree picks and sprays is a creative way to fill in the sparse areas of the tree. In addition, they bring a different texture to the overall look. If you want to showcase a more natural feel, choose a selection of berries, flowers, or pine cones. On the other hand, decorate with fancier crystals or pearls to achieve a more sophisticated effect.


9. Dress up with ribbons


Set the perfect backdrop for gifts with a Christmas tree ribbon that matches your theme. Decorative ribbons are a stylish choice. They can be easily wrapped around the tree stand for a quick and easy finishing touch.


10. Start adding presents underneath


The final flourish of any tree is the gifts underneath. So, complete your perfectly styled Christmas tree with a small pile of beautifully wrapped presents.

Getting the tree decorated early also means more time to relax as Christmas approaches, so are you ready to get started?
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