Saint Patrick's Day Decoration

Saint Patrick's Day Decoration

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Saint Patrick's Day Decoration

Personalized ST Patrick's Day Gifts

St. Patrick's Day is celebrated annually on 17 March in honor of Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. The festival originated in Ireland at the end of the 5th century and is now an Irish national holiday. The traditional color of St. Patrick's Day is green. Personalized St. Patrick's Day gifts can be customized here, want to be different from other people's gifts, please contact us to send your needs.

Symbols and features of St. Patrick's Day

The sorrel shamrock and the legendary green-clad old dwarf, the clover is regarded as a symbol of luck, and the green dwarf is a character in the Irish legend story, they are fairy shoemakers, tall, are fast-moving elves. They like to play pranks with people, like tying the laces of people's two shoes together, causing people to fall as soon as they get up; Legend has it that these elves hid jars of gold in tree holes, and people who wanted to find gold would follow the hammers of the shoemaker elves at night, find them and ask them to say where the gold was hidden; There was a man who caught an elf and also found the yellow gold in the tree hole, and the man first used a red handkerchief to make a mark on the tree, ready to go back and bring tools to dig up the gold again, who knew that after returning, he could not find the tree that hid the gold, and it turned out that the elf had tied all the trees to the red handkerchief!

St. Patrick's Day is more than just green beer. On this St. Patrick's Day, share cute and fun gifts from Nanshen with your beloved family and friends. Everything is completely personalized, customized, and unique. You'll be able to find many items, including custom dolls, throw pillows and more!

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